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It’s difficult when you have a lot of medications to maintain but you’re on a tight budget. You can only spend so much on your medications without letting the prices burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for a solution, Greencare Pharmacy can help.

We offer low-cost but high-quality generic medications. These generics are the more affordable counterparts of their brand-name cousins.

$5.00 – 30 Day Generic List

Make sure to drop by Greencare Pharmacy and ask our pharmacist about setting up a generic plan for you! You can also call us at 972-780-5999 to learn more about this service.

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We take time to get to know you by name. Our goal is to provide person-centered services. We can even notify you when you need to get a refill of your prescriptions and we will personally coordinate with your prescribing physician. You can discuss all of your concerns about medication therapy management when you visit our drugstore and consult with our physician. Feel free to set an appointment online!

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