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Looking for a way to manage multiple medications? There’s a solution to your dilemma. Ask our pharmacist for assistance with special packaging!

If you’re like most patients, you probably take more than one type of medication on a daily basis. Some medications might not be something you take every day but on selected days of the week. The common problem is having to organize all those medications and to prevent missing a dosage or taking a pill later than you’re supposed to.

This is where Greencare Pharmacy can help with Special Packaging. We offer realistic solutions that promote better medication compliance for patients. You can pick from any of our special packaging options:

  • Clear Vials with Large Labels
  • Blister Packs (Single/Multiple Prescriptions)
  • Bi-Weekly Caddies
  • Bubble Pack (Individual and Group Medications)
  • Grouped Medications (Pillow Pack)

What’s your medication intake regimen like? Greencare Pharmacy would love to talk to you about possible packaging solutions which apply to your needs. Call 972-780-5999 or visit our drugstore for a consultation.